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Featured Guest today on the EntreprenHer Show Even at a young age, Deanna Maio was systematizing things in her life.

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From the decimalization of her own book collection, to the way she ran a borrowing program for those books. Deanna was able to use those early years of experience when she landed a job as the person who created the systems, which trained and grew a whole Fortune company. Solving problems, creating development programs, managing projects, crafting training programs, and delegating tasks were a daily norm for 10 years.

More than 6 years ago, she took that knowledge of business growth and turned it into her own business opportunity to help entrepreneurs just like you, all around the world. Deanna loves technology! Gina began her career online in after a disabling car accident left her unable to continue her career as a litigator.

When the accident left her unable to get out of a hospital bed or wheelchair for almost 10 years, she turned to the internet as a way to fill her days and afford her mounting medical bills.


This usually meant creating yet another new product, and a new product launch. But 6 months later, a massage therapist gaver her a piece of advice that forever changed her life. Not only did it allow her to live, Gina completely recovered! She feels that she has been given a huge gift — a second chance at life!

a fearless entreprenher Manual

Ellen Finkelstein, Change the World Marketing. Ellen Finkelstein has written numerous books on PowerPoint and several other topics and since has been helping people to present more effectively via her websites, EllenFinkelstein. Along the way, she learned a lot about Internet Marketing, including: Creating websites and blogs: Her websites get approximately , visitors per month E-mail marketing: She has developed an e-mail list of over 22, subscribers Webinars: Ellen has created and delivered dozens of webinars and organized the popular Outstanding Presentations Workshop webinar series, with over registrations.

E-books: Starting out as an author writing books with Wiley Publishers and McGraw-Hill, she has expanded to writing e-books and Kindle books. She also teaches a private Internet Marketing course. Look past your circumstances and get creative! She used her experience and knack for personal marketability to start her first business called Urban Excellence as a freshman in college.

Hatcher travels the world speaking to students and adults about Personal Marketability, Building a business with limited funding and overcoming failure! Why having a great logo and some great graphics on your website is no longer enough.. How business owners can use visual cues to their benefit. Are you an entrepreneur or small business owner struggling to ensure that your business has been properly set up, that the right Agreements are in place, and that you have all of the right tools and measures in place to protect your business as you grow? During this session, Lauren will share the strategies her clients have used to become success stories, answer your questions and show you the path you need to take to get ready to SCALE!

Visit www. Rock Star Results Coach Cassi Eubank is on a mission to guide women entrepreneurs reach their full potential and live abundant and rewarding lives of contribution and brilliant impact. She guides established and aspiring entrepreneurs to master the mindset and skill sets to succeed beyond their wildest dreams.


Her distinct skill set, years of coaching and corporate training, and keen intuition are assets she unleashes to serve clients hungry for goal clarity and focus to succeed like never before. What sets Cassi apart from other coaches is her divine gift for figuring out how to do what may seem impossible to others and her passion for seeing others realize their dreams. Meet Cary Caster, Founder — 21 Drops.

Power to the EntreprenHer

Her expanded knowledge and passion for aromatherapy and medicinal plants and their effects on the body chemistry includes an understanding of Eastern medicinal practices and the healing abilities of The 5 Element Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine. And more! Nicola Cairncross of The Money Gym. Mira Halpert M. Mira is the founder of 3D Learner — a Boca Raton based learning organization dedicated to helping students who learn differently to be Outrageously Successful.

As a student, she learned differently and had vision related challenges — two of her children also have attention and frustration issues. Mira has integrated the best multisensory tools she could find to address the learning differences, the attention, vision and anxiety challenges — with as little medication as possible.

Over years experience in marketing. Grew-up in a the marketing research biz, her dad had a data collection company. Her imagination soared with thoughts on how this media could create old-fashioned, corner-grocer-store relationships and real-time customer service in a world that had forgotten the importance. Good at seeing the big picture with an eye to detail. Always with the customer at the center. Always research-based. In this training, we are going to share 3 simple steps that will allow you to instantly start collecting more emails minus having annoying pop-ups.

During this session, we will lay out the exact steps you need to take and also reveal the 1 strategy that allows us to collect an additional sign ups for our software each month! And MORE! Her new book: From Love Trauma To Fearless Love is a tale of emotional, spiritual, and sexual recovery from abuse at the hands of a predator.

With the explosion of the metoo movement, this book is especially relevant as From Love Trauma To Fearless Love illuminates how calculating a narcissist can be and reveals profound truths about the gut-wrenching reality a woman faces when she unwittingly gets caught in a web of lies and deception. It also highlights the cycle of violence that is typical of sexual abuse for both men and women. In this interview she answered these questions:.

What things supported your healing? What would you tell someone who is in need of find the silver lining in their heartbreak and love trauma? To learn more about Jianny, visit www. Speaking with Impact with Allison Shapira.

Learn more about Allison at www. Scale or Fail with Allison Maslan. Learn more about our shows at www. Be sure to visit www. Christine believes that when entrepreneurs find the courage to share their gifts and their message in a much bigger way, they will not only attract raving fans, enroll more clients, and enjoy more income, they also become a force for positive change in the world.

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Entrepreneurs hire RJ Redden to build Ninja Bots because most can't get noticed online to save their lives and think if they just focus on building an email list So RJ helps, you have a one on one conversation with potential clients, get answers to all your questions, and be able to qualify potential clients - automagically. Learn more at BlackBeltBots. Daniela Bolzmann is a leader in eCommerce, Amazon growth marketing, and technology. As a serial entrepreneur and Techstars Alumni, Daniela develops high-growth launch strategies for emerging startup brands.

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