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Flamingos use their bills as a sieve and plate just like a baleen whales to extract small algal filaments from the water. Birds' bills are very sensitive, especially at the tips.

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Birds like Curlews can open the tips of their bills deep in the mud without getting a mouthful of mud. The bills of some fish-eating birds have serrations along the edge to help them hold slippery fish. These are not real teeth. The largest bill in the world belongs to the Australian Pelican, Pelicanus conspicillatus , cm Although a number of birds have upwards or downwards curving bill and a few like Crossbills have the tips curved to cross over each other, only the New Zealand Plover Anorhynchus frontalis has a bill curved to one side only always to the right.

The Sword-billed Hummingbird Ensifera ensifera has a bill longer than the rest of its body.

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Skimmers Anhingidae have their lower mandibles larger than the top ones. They fly with the lower mandible in the water and use it to flip fish up into the air where they can catch them. The muscular response which snaps shut the bill of an Avocet, when it is sifting the soft mud at the edge of the tide for small shrimps, is one of the fastest ever recorded in the animal kingdom. The birds' brain experiences a deceleration of about 10G every time this happens.

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The Black Woodpecker, Dryocopus martius , strikes with its bill against a tree between 8 and 12 thousand times a day. There is also a great deal of variation in bird tongues. A bird's tongue is generally harder and less flexible than ours. Most birds have a relatively simple tongue, a flat triangular blade in shape with a few backwardly pointing papillae at the back of the mouth which help to ensure food only goes in one direction. In some birds however the tongue has become highly evolved.

In some fish-eating birds such as Penguins the whole tongue is covered in backwardly pointing spikes which help in swallowing the fish. In other fish-eating birds such as Cormorants, the tongue has been almost completely reduced. In Woodpeckers the tongue has become greatly elongated and is stored deep in the birds skull when not extended.

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Woodpeckers' tongues also have a sharp pointed top to spear wood-boring insect larvae. The end of the tongue has backwardly directed barbs to help in drawing the food items out of their holes in the wood. Brush-tongued lories, as their name implies, have a tongue with a small brush at the tip. The brush is used to collect nectar form the various flowers which these birds visit. Other primarily nectar-feeding birds such as Hummingbirds, Sunbirds and Honeyeaters have evolved tubular tongues.

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Lots of care for students. Great analogies with clear explanations. Hip with the youths. Hates the textbook industry and pineapple. Favorite quote: "I can't promise miracles, but I can deliver them.

What can we learn from creatures that call Sanibel Island home?

Take Bill. Basically a human adonis. Hilarious and helpful lectures. Always available outside of class. My friend even saw him at the grocery store and got some questions answered there lol.

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Hilarious guy obviously. Tests are the typical Bill difficulty, but there are plenty of other ways to get marks and pass with a good grade. Super helpful in his office hours, but will make you work to get the grade you want. Absolutely don't miss the chance to take a class with him!

He teaches really well, but in turn, expects you to understand the topic in depth. His assignments were quite challenging and really tested your knowledge. Don't even think about plagiarizing anything in assignments though, it really gets him riled up.

Midterms were fair and he was always accessible outside of lecture to ask questions to. It's all about Bill, not to concerned with students, he relies on the fact that he is young and can relate to us students, knows his technical stuff, but his knowledge of teaching is sadly lacking. Narcissism really has no place in education! Bill seems to clearly remember what it was like to be a student, and teaches in a very fun and relatable way. His assignments are fun and feel meaningful, he's always around to answer questions, and his lectures are the best around.

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I'd take any and all classes he offers in the future, no question. Smart guy, but too immateur to be teaching university lectures. Astoundingly energetic and enthusiastic about the course material.

Cares about his students. These classes were always the highlight of my week. If only my other profs were even a fraction as entertaining as this legend! My only regret about this class was not putting more time into it. The lectures were so much fun that I forgot I needed to put in effort, or something. Best Comp Sci prof by far. His lectures are quite straightforward and he, unlike other CSC profs, demonstrates his examples by writing out code from a scratch.

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