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A neat derivation of the equation is available on Wikipedia , based on John C. If we rewrite the equation to the following form. In terms of the greeks :. In sum, the losses from theta and the gains from gamma offset one another, resulting in returns at a risk-free rate. It calculates the price of European put and call options.

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That is, it calculates the price of contracts for the right but not obligation to buy or sell some underlaying asset at a pre-determined price on a pre-determined date in the future. Black and Scholes showed that the functional form of the analytic solution to the Black-Scholes equation eq. For a European put option contracts for the right, but not obligation, to sell some underlaying asset at a pre-determined price on a pre-determined date in the future the equivalent functional form is:.

In order to calculate what the price of a European call option should be, we know we need five values required by equation 6 above. They are: 1. The current price of the stock S , 2.

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The exercise price of the call option X , 3. The time to expiration T - t , 4. The risk-free interest rate r and 5.

For Tesla, at the time of writing this article, the value averaged at approximately 0. This because, if we do, the Black-Scholes functional equation becomes a tool to help us understand how the market estimates the volatility of a stock , also known as the implied volatility of the option.

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This is information we can disagree over, and trade against. Primarily, since the optimal exercise policy will affect the value of the option, this needs to be taken into account when solving the Black-Scholes partial differential equation.

There are, though, some special cases:. First, check if it is optimal to exercise the option early, by investigating whether the following inequality is fulfilled:.

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  6. If the inequality is not fulfilled , early exercise it not optimal. If the inequality is fulfilled , early exercise is optimal and the value of the American call option is given by the following, awful, mess of an equation I tried to break it up by each term to make it more readable :. It should here be highlighted that not all the assumptions of especially the original model are in fact empirically valid. For instance, significant limitations arise from:. These should be accounted for in any and all investment strategies, for instance by hedging with out-of-the-money options, trading on multiple exchanges, hedging with volatility hedging and Gamma hedging, respectively.

    Their model built on previously established works by Bachelier , Samuelson and others. Robert C. Scholes and Merton was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for their discovery of the method of divorcing stock options from the risk of their underlying securities. What Are Options? What is a Stock Option? Call Options. What is a Call Option? Put Options. What is a Put Option? Best Option Brokers.

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