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Release Date October 14, Girl Crazy George Gershwin.

The Lonesome Cowboy. Could You Use Me? Embraceable You. Sam and Delilah.

I Got Rhythm. Now we know why white conservatives HATE affirmative action for non-whites,, because it takes away from spots that they needed to biy for their kids. Fuck those people, a black man in a nice car gets worse treatment than that with no ticket given. A black man was tackled, forced to the ground, guns drawn, the whole mass killer treatment, for trying to fix his own car ….

Manafort committed a multiple of crimes and got less than ten years.

Important but not for me: students’ attitudes towards secondary school science in England

My x boss stole 2 million dollars and got 10 years federal time which has no time off for good behavior. The actress that is in question regarding paying for thier childs enrollment into a college recieved a milliin dollar bail but is confined to travel between the U.

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Truly shows that money gets you freedom that others are not afforded in this country. Hitlary, case in point.

But Not for Me - John Coltrane Solo

Musicman, that is the reality the entire world. Anyone with power, money and connections, gets special treatment, regardless of which country you are in. There is no such thing as fairness, not in life, nor as many religious believe, in the afterlife. These rich people are not helping their kids by clearing the field for them, they are setting them up to fail, not immediately, but later in life.

They stole a spot for a deserving student, with lifelong implications for the person who lost that opportunity.

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The same with Roger Stone. No need of such a show of force to people who pose no threat to the public or the agents. So their kids are too dumb to get into colleges on their own. So what does a wealthy parent do? Bribe the college!

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Even if they never show up for class. Bribe the university directly with a million dollar new building, named in the donors honor, and then poof! These people are looking at prison, because the bribes were funneled through a charitable organization, and the dopes claimed it on their tax returns.

Much more than documents.

It is all so true about the elitists, but then look how many end up in rehab????? Amazing, no wonder the country is so divided with this two or three or four tier justice system!

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Been happening since the beginning. Fox News has broadcast a report of the DeepState crumbling. How Many Politicians have Done this for Years? Publish their Names, And if their in the political Arena take Em out of it! Make Collages Great Again!!! Did you enjoy this cartoon?