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Hell or High Water

Along the way, the pairs crack wise, visit pleasure palaces, and enjoy both their well-wrought scheme and their ability to pull it off. At a funeral, he runs into an old acquaintance from yeshiva, Efraim Diveroli Jonah Hill , a loud, brash playboy who ropes David into a day on the town and recruits him as an associate in his business. Efraim, an arms dealer who says that he got his start buying and legally reselling weapons seized by the police, now trawls lists of available Pentagon arms contracts and picks up small deals that big companies overlook.

One deal involves getting a shipment of Beretta handguns from Italy to Iraq, where the U. Army will turn them over to the new Iraqi police force.

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But, when an Italian-government embargo blocks the shipment, Efraim and David arrange for delivery to Jordan, planning to have the guns smuggled into Iraq. The ensuing truck trip over the border and through Iraq, undertaken at great risk and leading to an armed battle—dangers played for laughs—gives the pair an inflated sense of possibility.

Two brothers in West Texas, Tanner Howard Ben Foster , a convict recently released from prison, and Toby Howard Chris Pine , an unemployed and divorced father, have a self-imposed mission.

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  5. Their response is to rob as many branches of the bank as they can, as quickly and safely as possible. Hamilton soon realizes that Texas Midlands is the ongoing target, and the two lawmen stake out the branch that, they calculate, will be hit next, setting up a deadly Western-style confrontation.

    Both movies are political, in the broadest sense.

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    7. As apt and accurate as these perceptions may be, Phillips and Mackenzie brandish them like banners of virtue and vice, waving them enthusiastically to stoke applause and hissing and to make sure that their own ire and their own sympathies, their derision and their embrace, land on exactly the right squares on the game board.

      But both movies are as flat and schematic as the scripts behind them; both could be done as table reads with settings green-screened in.

      Review by Bonnie Cehovet

      The characters have no memories, no identities, no range of interests, no personal connections, no idiosyncrasies beyond the dictates of the plot and the numbingly clear point that the filmmakers use it to make. Up until now, the only artist that has been poised to break through is Scarlxrd. If it were a race and I were to place a bet; my bet is that City Morgue is going to break this sound into the mainstream first.

      The video has shown a music outfit with the potential to have longevity in a music climate that favors short-term virality.

      Come Hell or High Water

      City Morgue is definitely one of the most promising and exciting acts in Hip Hop right now. City Morgue Volume 1: Hell or High Water is the first glimpse of a metal rap sound that is palatable to a mainstream audience and yet remains as cutting edge as it started. While all of these songs do hit hard; the singles released before the project are definitely still the strongest on the project.

      Since they formed, SosMula has definitely gotten the short-end of the stick. These two are like Hydrogen and Oxygen; their chemistry brings this sound to life.