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If so, for a large part of the night, we really are dreaming of nothing. And probing that fundamental state of being might help us understand the foundations of all other conscious experiences. The idea that white dreams are due to some kind of lack of memory dates at least to the time of Sigmund Freud, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Contentless dreams—now known as white dreams—were the result of this repression, Freud said, but he believed they could be recovered through analysis. Read: The trippy state between wakefulness and sleep.

In a study , Francesca Siclari at Lausanne University Hospital and colleagues at the University of Wisconsin at Madison invited 32 participants to spend a night in the lab while EEG electrodes on the scalp recorded their brain activity as they slept. The team woke up the participants and asked them to record whether or not they had been dreaming in the moments beforehand—and, if so, what they had been dreaming about.

When the participants reported white dreams, Siclari and her colleagues found that the front and center of the brain—normally implicated in memory encoding—lacked the characteristic high-frequency activity that was found with remembered dreams. So why would humans evolve to have these vivid nighttime experiences if so many of them are forgotten?

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Memory problems alone, however, do not appear to be the whole story. In a new paper for Sleep Medicine Reviews , Peter Fazekas of the University of Antwerp and colleagues instead suggest that white dreams are better understood as a diminished form of consciousness. According to this hypothesis, white dreaming is a bit like watching a badly tuned TV, with the volume muted: The sleeper really is dreaming, but the signal is too weak to establish any definite details beyond the vaguest impressions. Read: A new theory explains how consciousness evolved. Between those extremes, however, many participants report a vague sense of having seen something, without being able to give the details of what it is.

This sense of vividness—or lack of it—usually correlates with activity in the posterior regions at the back of the brain. The greater the high-frequency activity in this area, the richer and more detailed the experience, while muted activity corresponds to the weaker impressions. Perhaps, Fazekas hypothesized, white dreams are similar to those minimal forms of conscious awareness. Sure enough, a reanalysis of the raw data suggested that white dreams do indeed reflect a striking reduction in that posterior brain activity, compared with remembered dreams, but still greater activity than when participants report no dreaming experience at all.

The Dreams You Can’t Remember Might Never Have Occurred

The reduced frontal and central activity that Siclari observed would naturally follow from this, Fazekas believes, since those regions would have little information to encode into a memory. If you have recently suffered from a health problem, this dream symbolizes the improvement or consolidation of your health and the gradual healing.

The white spider means the very opposite of what the black spider predicts. The white spider foreshadows happiness and success in all areas of your life. The magnitude of this success depends on the size of the spider.

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Seven Nation Army

The larger the spider, the more success or happiness. White creatures and animals in dreams often also symbolize a mental cleanse or a clear conscience. The black widow in a dream is the most negative of all dreams about spiders because it represents absolute hopelessness, fear, distress, suffering, or resentment.

You forget about yourself and people use you for their good. You should learn to recognize who really deserves your help and who just uses you. You do more for others than for yourself. A tarantula in a dream indicates a problem or negative life situation that you are or will be facing.

You have stress from something that comes and what you know will affect your life. It can also indicate some unhealthy habit you should get rid of; eating unhealthy foods, addictive substances or toxic thoughts that can have a very negative impact on your mental and physical health. Because the bed is a very intimate and private place, a spider in bed can predict a breach of your privacy. Finding spiders in your bed means someone does not respect your privacy. It may be a real person, but spiders can also be interpreted as negative thoughts or feelings toward others.

This dream can also indicate that there is someone who secretly stalks you and knows everything about you, even private things that you thought only you knew.

White Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Hair often symbolizes health, state of mind, and wisdom. If you have a serious illness or are in a very stressful situation, you may lose your hair and along with that the feeling of beauty and self-confidence. If you dream of spiders crawling in your hair, it may mean that you are afraid someone or something for example, physically demanding work may take your beauty or self-confidence away. It can also predict the fear of aging and unnecessary stress because we cannot avoid aging.

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If you killed a spider in your dream, remember its color and size. If you killed a black spider, your situation may rapidly turn for the better. If you killed a green spider, your health will deteriorate. If you killed a dangerous or big spider such as a black widow or a tarantula, something unexpected and very positive happens in your life. It can be a huge life turn for the better. Lots of small shiny spiders predict money.

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