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Click here for specific content information. Click here for degree comparability. Aeres University of Applied Sciences Programmes. Education type Bachelor programme Duration 1 year Field of interest Food sciences. Contact International Office Apply here. Why this programme?

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Read more about Tuition fees and other practical matters. High quality education. More information Programme content. This short degree programme is made up of 2 semesters. Second semester In the second semester you will gain practical experience in the field. Completion of at least three years of university studies in a related subject relevant to the study programme, in such a way that the resulting combined study pathway is plausible in its entirety.

The ability to formulate coherently in written English, and to have a vision of food chain management. Essay writing may be part of the admission procedure. Strong motivation for success in the sector. Team spirit and a flexible attitude in an international working environment.

How to Improve Food Safety Supply Chain Management

If you are not from the EU, you must have sufficient financial means, for example in the form of a grant or stipend. Is this the programme you are looking for? Undoubtedly, cold chain management has entered a brave new world characterized by sophisticated temperature tracking and monitoring with the help of technologies like IoT Internet of Things. To put this in the figures, the cold-chain market is huge and growing.

The projected increase can be attributed to the growth of international trade of perishable foods, increased consumer demand for high-quality perishable food products, technological advances in refrigerated storage and transport, spurred on by movements to deliver goods even faster to consumers while accommodating even stricter regulations will make cold chain management a must-have for global supply chains.

In addition to the application of analytics in tracking and tracing, the second application of food supply chain analytics is in non-real time. Data from supply chain operations are accumulated in a central database that various supply chain stakeholders can access. This ensures that everyone is using the same data and that reporting is consistent. In this environment, user dashboards, reports, and custom queries can be developed.

Thus, Real-time and predictive analytics are crucial components to successful supply chain management, but for the food supply chain, it is mission critical and can accomplish the following checklist as agreed by many supply chain professionals:. The food waste in the transition mainly occurs due to poor transportation networks, lack of preservation techniques, improper temperature, and humidity conditions, unplanned longer routes and delays in transit. With the globalization, the global food supply continues to grow in volume and complexity thus the supply chain in the food industry needs special attention to minimize food waste.

This waste results in at least 1. This large amount of food wastage significantly affects the environment as well.

BrightFarms -- a produce supply chain revolution: Paul Lightfoot at TEDxManhattan

The carbon footprint of food waste is estimated to be 3. The poor transportation networks, the lack of preservation techniques, or improper temperature and humidity conditions can cause the spoilage during transportation. Distribution and transportation of food have been one of the major causes of greenhouse gas emissions.

Therefore, wasting food not only means that resources are wasted but the greenhouse gas emissions that it emits also has dangerous effects and would be one of the major focus areas towards socio-economic progress. Arviem AG provides a supply chain visibility solution which helps companies to take proactive measures towards efficient transit of perishable products, this includes;. Before Arviem, Reidy had been instrumental in the conceptualization and development of the most innovative solution for real-time monitoring and management of global trade at IBM and was globally responsible for the development of the solution.

Food supply chain: Trends to know if you are dealing with food logistics!

Quick Guide to Food Supply Chain Traceability Learn about how the traceability of food and beverage products together with supply chain visibility helps reduce the waste in food supply chains. Download Now!

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Petrobras, an integrated energy company focused on oil and gas, has become the first company…. Supply Chain News. Arviem Resources Data Loggers vs. Learn how to optimize your supply chain processes and eliminate inefficiencies with the help of supply chain visibility solutions and cargo tracking and monitoring. As the only full-service provider for real-time cargo monitoring on the market, Arviem provides exceptionally…. Related White Papers.