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I have used Moleskine notebooks for years. It is small, sturdy and reliable, and I like that you can find it in a number of different sizes, colors and styles to meet your needs.

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Passion Journal. After graduating from university in , Angelia Trinidad launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund a new type of journal to help young professionals find direction in life. While I prefer blank journals, the format of the Passion Journal is a great template for those just getting started. The Bullet Journal. Organizing items, tasks and thoughts in your notebook can be a challenge and become redundant. Although everyone should have their own "system" for organizing, the Bullet Journal provides a great tutorial for a very effective method.

If you find the tips useful, the founder, Ryder Carroll , will soon introduce a custom journal that integrates his organization methods. For me, using a bad pen, such as a ball point pen sorry Bic , is enough to make me chuck writing altogether. For that reason, I like to stick to a particular type of pen that not only writes well but feels great in my hand. Over the years, I have found that price is not an effective measure of usefulness, so experiment with a variety of writing tools until you find one you like.

These days, I use the new Sharpie non-bleed pens , which are affordable and write great. Consider making it part of your routine, either in the morning when planning your day or in the evening when debriefing. Also, allow yourself a little time each week to free write or doodle , which has been shown to help improve focus and creativity.

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A journal can be used for many different personal and professional tasks , but the one I find most beneficial is its ability to help you reflect. Because I have kept all my journals through the years in a box in my closet, I occasionally read one from the past.

Being able to reflect in this way will put life in perspective and teach you to manage your time and be better focused on the things that matter most. This may well be the best reason of all to keep a journal. Do you keep a journal?

It requires a somatic vocabulary as well as an emotional one. Yoga has helped me there. What I am discovering is that body movement, and the lack thereof, is often an emotional issue as much as physical. Certain movements of my shoulders finally awakened the memory of my own sexual abuse when I was young. Being able to learn my somatic language and having some degree of emotional literacy helped me further process that experience.

Frankly, there was an element of joy in it: I was experiencing freedom. Belinda Charles touched on something I recently heard from Josh as well: your emotions are your allies. I am going to try the 15 minutes of self-introspection every day. I will keep a feelings notebook and review it at the end of each week. Actually stopping, reflecting and naming my feelings each day is having a big impact on both my well being and outlook.

I now feel more positive and focussed in dealing with the challenges and opportunities in my life. Reflecting on my feelings has allowed me to recognize patterns and change behaviors in myself as well as those around me. I fully agree. Listening to my feelings. I think that that understanding what we are feeling will help us pinpoint why we react to certain situations the same way….. Reflecitng on my own emotions has given me a chance to recognise not just my own but also the patterns and behaviours of people around me.

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Emotions are high energy boosters, We just need to recognize them accurately to convert them for more optimal results for us and around us. Thanks for sharing! I made a journaling app to improve my self-awareness and emotional intelligence. Each entry is associated with a mood, so the app provides some really neat ways to self-reflect. For instance, I can see all the reasons of why I felt a particular mood happy, sad, annoyed or stress during the past few weeks. It makes it really easy to get into the habit of journaling. I just learned of EQ from my connect group discussion and is very interested in learning more of this subject and how to work it through my daily life.

Self awareness is the key to understanding and knowing who we are. Thank you for this valuable information. Bertha Washington. Thanks Bertha — welcome to the adventure!! Be an observer of yourself. Awareness is the first step.

Organize Your Intelligence with Effective Journaling: Get a Master's Degree In Yourself

This tip by Dawn is great. It is important to always be self-aware, it helps your emotional intelligence out quite a fair bit, it allows you to be comfortable in yourself enough to be able to be aware of other people. Like a scientist, observing self. Here is more info on the Self-Science process for social emotional learning. And how to choose among the various scales available to measure.

In terms of theoretical model, it depends on your goal. The three most important?

59 Journaling Ideas: What to Write About in a Daily Journal

Remember what matters, be grateful, practice kindness. Being aware of our emotions is only one step toward mastering EQ. Understand the language of emotions is so important especially in a disrutive world we are living in now. This article is renewing and refreshing!

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Tx Josh! Is there anywamy we can download the article. This is so useful.

The best thing I did for the devs I managed was to introduce them to an EQ course. Was easy to develop their technical skills, but EQ training has been the most rewarding and beneficial. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. No problem! Click to tweet. Click to request your "EmotoScope" feeling chart. Click here to download your self-awareness reminder card. Author Recent Posts. Follow me. With warmth and authenticity, he translates leading-edge science into practical, applicable terms that improve the quality of relationships to unlock enduring success.

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