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Drew largely, anxious for one day, at least,.

Rachmaninoff - Prelude in C Sharp Minor (Op. 3 No. 2)

Stands yet, a mouldering Pile, with fractured Arch,. Our Horses grazed: to more than inland peace. Though wind of roughest temper trees and towers. Our steeds remounted, and the summons given,. In uncouth race, and left the cross-legg'd Knight,. Of the old Church, that, though from recent showers. The earth was comfortless, and, touch'd by faint. The shuddering ivy dripp'd large drops, yet still,.

So sweetly 'mid the gloom the invisible Bird. Sang to itself, that there I could have made. To hear such music. Through the Walls we flew. In wantonness of heart, through rough and smooth. We scamper'd homeward. Your presence, when with slacken'd step we breath'd. Along the sides of the steep hills, or when,. Lighted by gleams of moonlight from the sea,. We beat with thundering hoofs the level sand.

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Upon the Eastern Shore of Windermere,. There stood an Inn, no homely-featured Shed,. With Chaises, Grooms, and Liveries, and within.

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Proud of its one bright fire, and sycamore shade. But though the rhymes were gone which once inscribed. A grove; with gleams of water through the trees. And there, through half an afternoon, we play'd. On the smooth platform, and the shouts we sent. Made all the mountains ring.

But ere the fall. Of some small Island steer'd our course with one,. The Minstrel of our troop, and left him there,. And row'd off gently, while he blew his flute. Thus daily were my sympathies enlarged,. But, for this cause, that I had seen him lay. In many a thoughtless hour, when, from excess. With its own pleasure, and I breath'd with joy. And from like feelings, humble though intense,. Those incidental charms which first attach'd.

Split, like a province, into round and square? Who that shall point, as with a wand, and say,. Came from yon fountain? More deeply read in thy own thoughts; to thee. Which we perceive, and not which we have made. And thou wilt doubt with me, less aptly skill'd. Of their sensations, and, in voluble phrase,. But each most obvious and particular thought,.

Bless'd the infant Babe,. Nurs'd in his Mother's arms, the Babe who sleeps.

Avengers: Infinity War Prelude

Upon his Mother's breast, who, when his soul. Claims manifest kindred with an earthly soul,.

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    Bach: Prelude and Fugue No.20 in A minor, BWV 889 Analysis

    Overview Video. Track List Johann Sebastian Bach - Wilhelm Kempff. Organ Sonata No. Andante Adagio. Aria variata alla Man. Variation I. Variation II.

    Josué Nunes - Heitor Villa Lobos - Prelúdio II - Veojam

    Variation III. Variation IV. Variation V. Un poco allegro. Variation VI. Variation VII. Variation VIII. Variation IX. Variation X. Aria da capo. Invention No. Sinfonia No. Suite from the Partita No.