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Satan stands up and addresses the council. He says Hell is a really strong prison and it's hard to get out; if one gets out, then one has to deal with a dark place that has no being "unessential Night".

Reincarnation in the Bible | Part 6

It's like stepping off the planet into something unknown. He says he wouldn't be a good sovereign, though, if he were afraid of doing something. He's the leader and should brave more dangers. He'll look for the new world. He tells the angels to make Hell cozier while he's away. The fallen angels greatly respect their leader; they treat him like a "God…equal to the highest in Heav'n" 2. He's risking his own life for their sake after all.

They shouldn't get too excited; this prospect is kind of like a gleam of sunshine when it's clearly going to rain. The highest-ranking angels emerge from Pandemonium with Satan, who is surrounded by a group of heavily-armed soldiers. Trumpets made of fake gold proclaim the result of the council; Hell resounds with cheering. The leaders each go their own way, to relax or chill out — to find "truce for [their] restless thoughts'' — while they wait for Satan to return. Some angels tear up rocks and create a huge ruckus; some of them go off and sing songs.

Still others go off in the hills to meditate on philosophical subjects. Some even have races! One group assembles into platoons and goes in search of an "easier habitation" — i. Each group travels along the banks of one of the four rivers of Hell Styx, Acheron, Cocytus, Phlegeton. Beyond these is the river of forgetfulness, Lethe. And beyond that, the platoons discover that Hell is a frozen wasteland. That's right, it's snowing and there's hail. Basically it's like Antarctica. It's so cold, though, it almost burns. Apparently the fallen angels will be forced to spend time in this part of Hell on a regular basis, frozen in ice; the change from fire to ice is brutal.

Meanwhile, Satan makes his way towards the gates of Hell, which are very strong, and surrounded by fire. There are three of them one brass, one iron, one "adamantine rock". There are two figures on either side of the gate. The first is a female from the head to the waist, but below the waist, she's a serpentine. Around her waist are little hell-hounds that constantly bark but sometimes retreat into her womb. The other is dark and black; he appears shapeless, and is very terrible sorry, that's all Milton gives us. He wears a fake crown on his head, and is introduced at line Satan is not afraid; he addresses them, saying he's going through that gate no matter what.

The male asks him if he's the rebel angel that started a huge war in Heaven. He the shapeless figure is in charge here, not Satan.

River of Fire: Fallen Angels Book 6

Satan and this figure stare each other down like two thunder clouds , almost as if they were about to duel. Each plans to kill the other with one stroke, but the female jumps between them. She asks Satan why he's about to kill his…. And she asks the other why he's about kill his…father!

Satan asks her what she's talking about, and she tells him: during the planning of the revolt in Heaven, she still unnamed sprung forth from the left side of his head! The rebel angels named her Sin. Satan had a secret sexual relationship with his daughter Sin and impregnated her; she fell with the angels from Heaven, was given the key to Hell, and gave birth to Death the shapeless guy. Death eventually raped "embraces forcible and foul" Sin his mother , who gave birth to those hell hounds around her waist.

They howl and gnaw out her insides. Satan tells Sin that he's trying to free his angels and that he's going in search of God's newly-created world. He'll let Sin and Death roam free there if he finds it.

Sin says that God has forbidden her to open the gates. Putney never writes sex for the sake of sex itself.

It is always tenderly carnal, never crude, and it consistently forwards the growth of the romantic relationship. As is often the case in a MJP novel, there is an important subcharacter in the story in the form of a cat who has an adorably, quirky personality.

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As always, the historical details in MJP novels, and this book is no exception, are accurate and woven into the story in just the right amount in order to provide a subtle, deep immersion in another time and place without ever slowing the forward progression of the romance plot. I have read this book multiple times over the years, but this particular go-round I had the privilege of experiencing it in a newly available, extremely well done, audiobook version.

The talented Siobhan Waring, a British voice actor, is the narrator. She does an excellent job portraying characters of all ages, both genders, and many regional accents.

Ihre Vorteile

She does not merely dryly enunciate the story, but instead acts out all the parts in a delightfully convincing manner. I will definitely revisit this keeper recording many other times in the future, and I recommend it to fellow historical-romance fans without reservation. View 2 comments. Jan 02, Keri rated it really liked it Shelves: romance-historical , s-read.

Really liked this one and thought Kenneth was a stand up guy. Got irritated with the heroine after she found out what Kenneth secret was. He was telling her 6 ways to Sunday not to get involved that he had a secret, then when the big reveal, she gets mad at him. Still a very nice read.

Neuheiten, Bestseller, Bildung

How is it that I did not review this book? I read this book last year but obviously did not shelf it on GR. Here it goes: great writing, impressive characterization, mediocre romance. I admire her ability as a writer, to build a intricate story with complex characters. This was proven again and again in her older books.

She often writes about things that are not "pretty". There is no fluffy read written by Putney.

You read her books, at your own peril. This book is about 2 artists. Painting is a prominent theme which binds Kenneth and Rebecca together. I liked both characters: Kenneth, steady and dependable and Rebecca, mature and talented. They both loved arts and found kindred spirits in each other. The story follows their exploration of each other's artistic talents and their mutual respect and feelings for each other. Overall, a solid love story. This is however, not a book that I would gush about. It has nothing to do with the book. It is just personal preferences. I did not have a emotional response to the story and would only re-read it if I am on a nostalgic Putney run.


River of Fire (Fallen Angels Series #6)

Aug 06, Shelagh rated it it was amazing. What an utterly gorgeous book River Of Fire has been, and how beautifully narrated! While the plot is utterly engrossing, for me the star of this show was narrator Siobhan Waring, who brought the characters to life. It was like listening to a play, one which I was very re What an utterly gorgeous book River Of Fire has been, and how beautifully narrated! It was like listening to a play, one which I was very reluctant to leave whenever real life got in the way. Jan 06, Gemma rated it really liked it. This really annoyed me, as I want the romance to be the central theme in the story.

That's why I read romance, and not historical fiction, because I want a story that is primarily a love story. However, if you want a mystery where the villian is less obvious, then you might be a bit dissapointed. Yet, even though I had a pretty good idea who the villian was, Putney still kept me turning pages.

The final showdown with the villian was well-executed. When I reached the last few chapters of the book I just couldn't put it down. The characters were both well-drawn, and ones that I cared about. I cheered for them to get together. They were both flawed in human ways, but not overly flawed as to be unlikeable. That's a difficult balance for an author to strike, and I applaud Putney for a job well done.

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  3. River of Fire (Fallen Angels, #6) by Mary Jo Putney | Mary jo putney, Fallen angel book, Books.
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I also liked the peek into the art world. As someone who has studied music, much of what she said about painting like how the desire to create art is like a fire in the blood made sense to me. Though characters from previous books do make appearances, the reader won't be left feeling confused at all. And there are no loose threads to be tied up in the next book. I wasn't left with any questions at the end. Nov 14, Trewen rated it really liked it Shelves: historical.