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No one ever talks about the grueling mess that is cleaning out the grill, filtering the oil, scrubbing the floors, taking out the trash, empting the linen basket, washing the walk in, sanitizing the knives, etc. I am just wanting some advice. I have an opportunity to take 3 months off and I would like to go to culinary school. Hi Ashley, I would look for community colleges and adult post eduction programs.

You may also find some commercial companies like Viking that offer longer programs. It would also help to know where you are located so I can do a little research. A foodie is someone who thinks they are important because they eat the food. A chef is someone who thinks they are important because they cook the food.

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A food warrior is someone who knows the food is important regardless of who is eating or cooking it. You wanna be a food warrior? Go to a grocery store, go to the processed food isles, and figure out how to make what is in those boxes and bags using the basic ingredients: flour, water, milk, sugar, meat, salt…not maltodextren or HFCS. Learn how to make everything from scratch. Learn the flavors of individual ingredients by tasting them individually. Learn the difference between boiling, pan frying, baking, deep frying, and brazing and now different ingredients react under different cooking conditions.

Learn what cooking temperatures do what. Learn what foods are best at what temperature under different preparation techniques. Learn and practice knife skills. Sharpening, cleaning, storing, chopping, peeling, slicing, dicing, and other cutting terms and definitions. Steal every recipe you like, master it, and put your own spin on it.

So You Want to Be A Gourmet

Do this until you are good enough to impress yourself, then see what other people think. Always, always seek feedback. You wont like everything you cook, but someone will. I hate fish, but people love it when i cook it for them. So you want to be a Chef? Felt your stomach growl while looking through Instagram, or other social media sites depicting what your friends are eating. Maybe you tried to re-create these masterpieces in your own home kitchen stadium? Maybe you want to be a chef?

Before you shut down your desktop and hit record on your DVR, maybe you should think about it; Do you like to cook? Do you want to Cook? Do you want to be a chef? Your Culinary School counselors forgot to mention in orientation that once you graduate you will not be guaranteed any sort of salary. Consider yourself lucky. For the next months depending on your drive and will power; you probably will not need any skills you learned in school.

Instead, prepare yourself for 8 hours of vegetables, fruits, produce. Cleaning, washing, chopping, and preparing everything for someone else to actually cook. You think to yourself…. If something is broken, you probably did it. If something is stored incorrectly, you probably did it. Whether it was you or not, you are the scapegoat until you prove otherwise.

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Haha, how much did that cost, you should probably ask for a refund. You want to work in my kitchen? And again you respond; Yes Chef. Say goodbye to a social life. Learn Spanish. A few years down the road, and now your actually cooking. But you know, we know- You are far from it. But you still want to be a chef eh? Sometimes 18 or more hours a day.

You will rarely get days off, when you do you will most likely spend that time answering phone calls from your work about problems in the kitchen. You know the shelves, walk in refrigerators, freezers, and product so well you can see it all right in front of you even miles away. On my day off? So you still want to be a chef? You want to get in the office early and get things done, but first you stop by the walk ins.

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The temperature on the refrigerator is reading 52 degrees; pause-if you did not see a problem here- immediately stop reading and open to page f—king one of your culinary school handbook, or quit now. But before tossing anything, you slowly open bags, and peel back layers of pvc plastic film to decipher what sort of science project has been growing inside overnight.

You finally get into your office an hour later- review your emails, respond to customer issues, go to meetings, review your weeks satisfaction scores, respond to emails, answer voice messages, go prepare your order guides, take a quick inventory, then go make a cup of coffee before sitting back in front of your computer again all before 11am.

You have been at work since 7am; you are a chef, but you have yet to cook one thing let alone even open your knife bag. All the while your prep cooks are knocking on the door with questions about the prep list you left for them.

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No, your culinary school did not prepare you for this. Tired yet? You want to get out in the kitchen to supervise the prep cooks. You want to cook. You want to create.


You want to live, taste, be creative, imaginative, and have fun. You want to open your knife roll and start chopping away, remembering why you got into this business in the first place.

You go through your desk and organize invoices that have to be paid. You go to another meeting.

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  • You review special events, print out recipes, grab a handful of plastic spoons and taste everything. But you have still yet to eat. It is pm.

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