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Lead member Denniston Young was a founding member of the disco-soca group Asterisks. He went on to work with many calypso and soca artists, earning plaudits for his composition and musicianship - including from his cousin, legendary calypsonian composer Alston Becket Cyrus, who had hoped to work with him but missed the opportunity before Young passed away in A native resident of Hampton, Arkansas. Eddie started his music career in gospel then transitioned into secular music after moving to Milwaukee, Wisconsin in While living in Milwaukee with his wife and children, Eddie played with a group called the Fenders but eventually decided to start a group of his own with his kids aptly named Papa Bear And His Cubs.

Eddie Sr. Creativity is a part of the Disnute DNA and before long Eddie's cubs were perfecting chops of their own. Papa Bear And His Cubs started performing together around the late s. Although a few memorable gigs came their way, Wisconsin proved to be too cold for the Disnutes so they made their way back to Hampton, Arkansas. The group continued to perform until the early s, at which point the cubs were bears themselves, who decided to go their own separate ways. When thinking back to their prime days, one thing will always remain clear in Eddie Sr.

I might have been watching too much Top Of The Pops recently Light years from home.

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Levon's cannon keeps firing as the Novel Sounds battery drops another dancefloor bombshell in our bunker A1 sees our honourable rogue continue to mine the ghosts of trance music's dark past; fusing a simple kick with an uplifting yet slightly melancholic synth pattern that ignites the same, almost saudade feelings that the best 90s stadium fillers conjure up. A2 sees a truly Vincentian palette vintage hand claps, dry keyboards, synth-strings and buzzy acid batter out an emotive box jams that's aimed at the stars yet rooted in the club - so good!

Flip and if you still needed convincing, B1 should ensure the record's now on your to-buy list; its drifting arps, monumental bass and fizzing white noise taking the listener on a cerebral magic carpet ride into blissed out abandon. Yes Levon!!! The gifted New Jersier gives us one more bonus to contemplate; the deep cavernous throb of the final track takes us through to the early hour sessions in big warehouses.

Vincent here as he rolls out one of the hottest Novel Sounds for quite some time! You need this pop pickers! Delroy Edwards returns to Apron for a second time, bringing a proper rinser for a 12" that's set for repeat plays in the basements Opening with, for me, the hottest track of the six, "Live And Let Live" combines Edwards' idiosyncratic perx with a phat-ass distorted bass. As usual the whole thing fizzes and cracks like it's been scorched into tape by the sun itself; then this gorgeous pads come in and takes us plummeting into the stars There's four more tracks, all very good and skirting between dusty space acid and industrial jack; but it's that opening pair that I'll be opting for most of the time Worth it for those opening two tracks which add a whole new dimension to Delroy's House Sound.

If heavy industry is a thing of the past, no-one told Identified Patient. For the past few years, he has been a one-man factory: by day, assembling component parts of acid, techno and all varieties of wave dark, cold, minimal on the production line; by night, a DJ dynamo pulsing with so much energy he could power a small city. His style is the kind of churning, lithe, fractured machine funk that could make Trent Reznor weep with envy — mean but clean, sinister and stomping but crucially, never overconfident or overblown.

Giving a new lick of shiny paint to a well-weathered industrial exoskeleton, Signals In Snakes is one to unify the cold-blooded villains and hot-blooded lovers all summer long. Dark dance for the freakz! Gianni Marchetti is one of Italy's best kept secrets A composer with a long and elaborate list of writing credits in both pop music and movie soundtracks, he penned proper anthems in Italy's post-war melodic tradition. Amongst his large and varied oeuvre, in he composed and recorded the original soundtrack for the skin flick 'Disposta A Tutto'.

Nexo LS500 subwoofer restoration

Rather than fading into obscurity, the soundtrack became a prized collector's item for DJ's and rare groove enthusiasts. On the A-side, there's the pant swinging groove of "Un'altra Donna", a killer bit of clav heavy white funk, while the flip houses personal fave "Free Pop" slow mo cosmic fuck-funk with added dub sax and the Balearic swoon of "Tromb In Chiave D'Amore", a must have for any fan of a coastal cooler. Always built for the floor, and assembled from the finest secret ingredients, not to mention thoroughly road-tested, each Record Mission comes from the deep in these guys' legendary collections, extended and edited to perfection.

Volume 5 and the boys are in the mood to party, kicking things off with the leg shaking syncopation, wobbly moog, semi-cheesy vocals and brilliant brass. Popping an electric slide from funk to disco, the duo drop "Gee No" next, a dubby delight with echo laced percussion maximum cowbell , walking bass and occasional vocals. Switching it up a little on the flip, "Un Dub Bonus" is a thoroughly wonky diversion into oddball disco house with wobbling bass and textured percussion taking centre stage. Finally the electro-disco stomp of "Fruity Juice" arrives to close the set, bringing the kind of tropical heat, lime-like acidity and unique fusion of electronic and organic elements you'd find on a Konduko 12".

Is there another DJ out there like Loud-E? The guy operates in his own universe, soaring through absurdly obscure dance floor records and flipping them with his dusty, demented and wildly psychedelic sound. This contribution to Discos Capablanca is no exception, kicking off with the sequined disco stomp of "Get Down On Me", a Soul Train moment viewed through a thick fuzz of radio static from a UFO in high orbit.

16 Best Shades images in | Color, Solid color backgrounds, Shades

In fact, as the hot brass, celestial arps and breathy vocal twist in on themselves, it seems we've taken residence in an alien brain which can't quite make sense of our human noises. Next up "Marathon", my all time favourite former chocolate bar and new wormhole funk anthem. The nuanced percussion brings an organic funk to the party, while that gnarly synth sequences serves as gut loosening bass and face melting riff, locking us in for the mind melding prowess of that proggy lead line.

If you've ever had one too many Jean-Michel Jarres and stumbled into the topless bar, you know what this sounds like. Finally we freak it to "Yeah Clavilove", a low slung and sleazy dancer centered on that timeless ribbet of the clavinet. Right at the sweet spot between funk, soul and AOR, this strange and brilliant jam will do it for Balearic beards and Cosmic explorers alike - believe the hype!

Secret Squirrel No. Secret Squirrel continue their annexation of the disco front line, supplying another double header of firepower for the glitter ball soldiers. As they creep further behind enemy lines, the elite squadron deploy two WMDD's weapons of mass disco destruction , complete with extra loopy, lost-in-the-smoke extensions, some tasty filter jabs and a faultless re-arrangement that keeps energy levels on high throughout.


Sure to blow the opposition away and rewards the troops with some disco regalia. Limited quants. Couple of tension and release exercises that would keep many hips wiggling! Awww shit son.

Bahnsteig 23 is back with another bunker bustin' bit of audio ammo, this time from Ziggy, who conquers many a style and flavour on his label debut. How about a little new beat fist pump for starters via the bristling "Trance Gigolo". Take one part industrial clatter, one demonic top line and a hefty bass sequence and away you go.

Looking at the name, I really hope this is a DJ Hell romper circa slowed way down. Enough of my electroclash obsession, what's on the A2? It's the hooded and clandestine goth-pop of "Yo Let Her", a goth groover which makes excellent use of slide guitar, chanted vocals and that particular strain of feeback you can find on any dark ambient record. Onwards and upwards tempo wise we go on the B1, falling under the black magic of "Amfobia", a rather sinister bit of post disco froth with a punk funk rhythm section, vocal casting and horror organs.

All of which witchy action leads us to the cauldron bubbling B2 "Freaky Leaches", a haunting post punk dubber with a particularly damp aesthetic.


Hubble bubble bitches! The idea that, "responsibility is what freedom means", came from a speech given by, the late, Imam W. Mohammed, leader of the, then, American Muslim Mission. Since the speech was heralded and echoed throughout the community and around the country, I hoped the song would catch on, but it didn't.

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Muhammad's "What Freedom Means". The cover is made by visual artist Giulia Munari and reminds of the melting pattern of a Murano glass, referencing indeed the abundance the listener is soon to discover putting the needle on this record. A multitude of acid lines tinged with a touch of trance and a carefree melody roll over an almost off-beat groove in "Mountain of Madness", taking over A side.

On the flip, the didgeridoo-based "Rolling 2 Joints" takes the listener exploring a mystical forest on a distant planet. Again disorienting, psychedelic and explosive, Greenvsion's productions sound like riddles to be solved, puzzles to be composed. Their unique sonic layering philosophy results in an almost unclassifiable music genre ready to please the thirstier dance-floors.

I'm not sure how I feel about it per se, but when it turns up such inspired genius as this, I guess I gotta get on board! Pass me the patchouli oil! EEE show no signs of letting up with another masterful melding of styles, taking a well known jazz motif and flipping it into one of their trademark tribal rollers.

Sure to turn heads the world over and always a favourite with the DJs playing to the prime dancefloor demographic of year olds, I like the way this firm never take themselves too seriously but always put out a pleaser! Full marks. You'll recognize that clarinet riff off a plethora of 90s furniture adverts; now watch the club-ready jet set get all gurny to it! Brand new Hobbes Music signing from Tokyo, Kota Motomura is a slightly mysterious character with an ear for idiosyncratic music that runs the gamut from Exotica and Jazz to House and Techno.

Highly original, it all adds up to a confection perhaps best described as Balearic. This is his second release. These demos immediately pricked up the ears of label boss Hobbes who asked to hear more demos. These were also good and the pair agreed on an EP release. And then the line went dead When Motomura got back in touch, he explained that he had been sick and would soon be returning to hospital.

In any case, label scheduling and other commitments meant it hasn't been possible to release this music until now. It may be the power of suggestion, but "Squeeze the Prime Time" sounds like a well-worn night-life wayfarer wringing their very last brain cells for more serotonin on the dance-floor.

On 'Syrens' especially, there is a sense of subdued, spectral ecstasy. Squelchy, spacey, bumpy, this is a masterful soundtrack to synapses firing to the world's most cherished tryptamine. Our ears are salivating for this mega 4 tracker oozing off the beaten track dancefloor ammo. As always with Multi Culti, plenty of oddity and variety! Shelved Recordings 2.

For those that don't remember first time around: 'Pioneering techniques, over-dubs and an exploratory period of pop production resulted in many lost dub versions and mixes. Mixes, which invariably were left on the shelf, deemed too 'out there' by the bosses of the hedonistic label managers who commissioned them. Shelved will present a series of limited double 12" releases comprised of carefully reconstructed and rebuilt lost classics from someone who was there the first time around! Defying words, it's an instrumental version of The Who's "Eminence Front", extended to provide maximum impact and making use of some extra musical sections.

Quite literally breath-taking, it takes a brave man or woman to fuck with this crossover epic, but somehow Shelved's added new life into this tried and tested dancefloor winner.

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Hat's off whoever you are geeeee! Completely crucial. One-press only. Do not fuck about!