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"God, Greed, and the (Prosperity) Gospel"

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He also did not pay tithes. He was not generous toward anyone, quite the opposite, he was the reason that journalists came up with the term, "Robber Baron. He engaged in ruthless and illegal business practices and built an oil company called Standard Oil that was so large that, when it was broken up by antitrust laws, several major oil companies were created from that one company.

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Over one hundred years ago, John D. If he did pay tithes it would have meant an income of million dollars 5 to 10 billion today to his local church. It was not God that "blessed" him with great wealth; it was Satan, the god of greed. God does not lead people to engage in ruthless and illegal business practices in a desire for more, more, more. Even in his old age, he displayed his greed by giving away dimes.

Confronting those deceived by a false gospel with grace

He always had dimes in his pocket so he could generously give one to people he met! What lessons are we to learn from this? In other words, exposure to the prosperity gospel can make people less likely to believe the true gospel. This false gospel is being preached every day on radio, on TV and via the Internet. Indeed, 50 of the largest churches in America preach the prosperity gospel. The preachers of prosperity tout their own opulent lifestyles as proof of their message: God wants his children to have their best life now.

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Yet, this is not the gospel. It is a feel-good, self-centered appeal to our materialistic impulses that omits the message of Jesus and neglects the cross. This book is aimed at helping people recognize the false message of the prosperity gospel and embrace the gospel of Christ. In our book we explain that neither material wealth nor material poverty is favored in the Bible.

Doctrines of Demons/ False Teachers / Steven Anderson False Gospel Exposed

Indeed, there are many examples of godly and ungodly rich individuals in Scripture. Similarly, Scripture mentions many godly and ungodly poor individuals. Scripture does, however, have much to say about events and activities that lead to either material wealth or poverty, as well as giving direction about how we are to interact with our material resources. For example, the Bible commends honest labor, benevolence, proper stewardship, mercy, social justice and the like. Of course, we hope that this book works to lessen the effect of the prosperity gospel upon the church and culture, as well as to equip the church to resist this movement.

Yet, in addition to correcting the false teaching of the prosperity gospel, it is our hope that this book will give readers a biblical perspective on some of the topics and issues that make the prosperity gospel so attractive. Indeed, half of this book is devoted to giving a biblical perspective on suffering, wealth, poverty and giving. It is our desire that readers would finish this book firmly equipped to resist false doctrine, but also thoroughly educated in these crucial areas of doctrine related to material and spiritual prosperity.

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In sum, it is our goal to replace the prosperity gospel with the gospel of Christ. This book takes a balanced approach that is both biblically rigorous and in touch with current issues. This is an invaluable resource for those wishing to deal with the prosperity gospel with accuracy and clarity.

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This is a very Gospel-centered book. Program at Southeastern Seminary. He comments on the Bible over at redeemedmind. David W.

Jones has co-written an entire book on the subject, so he is one the best at answering this question. And in this timely article, he […]. Intersect is a project of Southeastern Seminary's L.