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Both posting will need to be posted no later than Saturday, August 28, at p. I t is an epic poem told in historical perspective; a story of epic events and of great people of a heroic past. Although its author is unknown, its themes and subject matter are rooted in Germanic heroic poetry, in Anglo-Saxon tradition recited and cultivated by scops. The main action of the story is set around a.

Beowulf exists in only one manuscript. This copy survived both the wholesale destruction of religious artifacts during the dissolution of the monasteries by Henry VIII and a disastrous fire which destroyed the library of Sir Robert Bruce Cotton Totalling 3, lines, Beowulf was written sometime between - a. Beowulf is considered to be the longest and greatest poem extant in Old English. But that is surly where he starts. Jake Luna, 4th, How long is it? The entire peom is lines long.

Jake Luna, 4th, Time period. Sarah Bales, 4th, Original language. Beowulf is the oldest surviving epic poem in the English language and the earliest piece of vernacular European literature. It was written in Old English, the language of the Saxons. Sarah Bales, 4th, First transcription. Since the manuscript has decayed further, Thorkelin's version is highly prized, yet its accuracy has been questioned.

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Hannah Schierl, 8th, Mystery. No one knows the original author of Beuwolf , but the handwriting style on the original manuscript shows that it was inscribed by two different people. Hannah Schierl, 8th, Unnamed. Beuwolf was originally untitled and it wasn't until the nineteenth century that the poem was called by the main character, the Scandinavian hero, Beuwolf. La urel Plumer, 8th, Homeland.

Where was Beowulf from?

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He was from the land of Geatland in present day Sweden. This was the land of the Geats. Beowulf may have been composed as an elegy for a king who died in the seventh century, but there is little evidence to indicate who that king may have been. The poem has inspired fresh creative works, from Tolkien's Lord of the Rings to Michael Crichton's Eaters of the Dead , and it will probably continue to do so for centuries to come. In , it suffered irreparable damage in a fire. In , the pages of the manuscript were mounted in paper frames to save them from further damage.

This protected the pages, but it also covered some of the letters around the edges. Beowulf is an epic poem. The hero in the poem is Beowulf who fights supernatural demons and beasts to protect his people.

The dragon (Beowulf)

He battles three antagonist throughout the poem. The first monster Beowulf fights is Grendel. Jordon Mitzelfelt, 8th, Quote. My heart is firm, my hands calm: I need no hot words. I chose this quote form the book because I think it is something that still applies to today. They are not going to be easily swayed into saying something they will regret. I think that it is important for people to learn how to control their temper when they are faced with a problem.

We should always know where we stand, but there is no need to physically or verbally fight.

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We need to learn to step back and think about what we are about to do. The earliest known owner of the manuscript is the sixteenth century scholar Lawrence Nowell and in the seventeenth century it became part of Robert Bruce Cotton's collection. Then the manuscript was known as Cotton Vitellius A. Amber Haulk, 4th, Protection. In , the pages of the manuscript were mounted in frames to save them from further damage.

This protected the pages, but it also covered some of the letters around the edge of the frame. McKenzie Rolando, 8th, Housing. McKenzie Rolando, 8th, Movie. In Beowulf was created into a movie directed by Robert Zemeckis.

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The movie is animated. Miranda Hammond, 4th, Point of View. Beowulf is told in the third person point of view. However, the narrator has access to each character's thoughts and actions. Miranda Hammond, 4th, Major Themes. Jon Meyer, 8 th , Trouble With Grendel. In the epic poem, Grendel is angered when he hears the men in the kingdom singing songs that praised God, who had rejected him for being a son of Cain or in other words a monster.

Thus, Grendel attacks the kingdom for twelve years.

Introduction - A Contested Beowulf

Jon Meyer, 8 th , Etymology. Ethan Reynolds English 4th original manuscript The original manuscript of the story is believed to have been written around a. Ehtan Reynolds English 4th digital copy In , the British Library initiated the Electronic Beowulf Project, which through infered and other restorative techniques, revealed the covered letters and then made a digital copy of the epic. Megan Austin, 8th hour, Quote. All were endangered; young and old were hunted down by I think that this quote is referring to something of the supernatural.

The line "nobody knows where these reavers from hell roam on their errands" states that no one knows where Grendel will go when he is out in the night murdering people. Megan Austin, 8th hour, Tense. Tori Jennings, 4th, Taking Place. Tori Jennings, 4th, Publication. The only manuscript in which Beowulf is preserved is thought to have been written around a.

Megan Harper, 4th, Setting. Beowulf was set in Scandinavia.

Beowulf Book Notes

Megan Harper, 4th, Entertainment. Savhannah Haslett, 8th, Dialect. Kayla Melton, 4th, Strong-stress metre. Strong-stress verse is measured by count of stresses alone; the strong stresses are usually constant, but the number of unstressed syllables may vary considerably. The systematic employment of strong-stress metre can be observed in the Old English epic poem Beowulf. Kayla Melton, 4th, Island. The story starts on Selandia Island in Denmark.

This site was used for parties at nights, organized by the Hrothgar king with his servants. Jessee Skaggs, 4th, Legends.

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Scholars generally agree that many of the personalities of Beowulf also appear in Scandinavian sources. Jessee Skaggs, 4th, Three Battles. Brooke Howard, 4th, Funerals. Brooke Howard, 4th, Two Scribes. April Balagna, 8th, Translations. April Balagna, 8th, Two Parts. Steven Bennett, 4th, Characters interpretation. Thusly, the story is depicted as a Germanic warrior society.

Kaitlin Sandford, 4th, Burial. Start at a funeral, end at a funeral. The poem deals with legends, i. The burial rites described in the epic show a great similarity to the evidence found at Sutton Hoo , but too much remains unknown to form a direct correlation between the poem and the burial site. Handwriting style reveals that it was inscribed by two different people. Whether either scribe embellished or altered the original story is unknown.

Unlike most stories, the epic poem of Beowulf does not give a historical background of the characters. However, through clues in the text, you gain an understanding of wher e they came from.

The original author wrote the characters as having a structured past without directly talking about it.