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Because social media is now such an integral part of everyday living, more people were conscious of Sandy Hook than Virginia Tech or Columbine. Furthermore, false profiles are very common on social media sites. These types of attention seeking and malicious profiles incite angry, negative responses from those people who are truly upset over the tragedies.

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The cries of many were heard through social media. Through this medium, people were able to mourn their losses as well as dispute their differences in regards to the underlying issues such as gun control laws or the mental health system. However, more people had an irate response to the Sandy Hook attack when using social media because so many profiles intended to inflict pain and suffering.

Gross, Doug. Cable News Network, Nov. Kelly, Heather. Cable News Network. Aug, accessed January 12, Though print media has been around longer than social or broadcast media, it is failing to meet the constant demand from its users who want answers within seconds of asking a question. Consumers are so eagerly seeking instant gratification that the only way they can satisfy their wants is through using the internet, which is at their disposal thanks to smartphones.

The internet houses many publications from decades ago to ten minutes ago, as well as past television news broadcast shows. His research concluded that the impact of print media has been altered dramatically because of the internet. However, just because it is not the most influential does not mean that it is not influential whatsoever. Many people still read printed newspapers and magazines.

Time is money in the news world. Each day a choice is made between running a fairly new angle on a topic that is berated for twenty-four hours, seven days a week on cable news networks or moving onto a newer, fresher topic. By the time a new edition of the print media is released, that topic will have already been dissected and discussed on the cable network news stations. Print media has a hard time staying relevant, which means its material is old by the next publication.

Therefore, all three incidents received less print exposure, which exemplifies how print media does not influence its audiences as much as other media. Jacob, Cherian. Business Source Complete.

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Similar to social media, broadcast media is more accessible to the public than a printed news article. Audio and video are truly powerful instruments when reporting such heartbreaking tragedies. Broadcast media influenced the responses of its patrons because of the relationship it creates with the viewers. Broadcasts aim to make each viewer feel like s he is the only one watching and a connection has been established with the anchor. When accomplished correctly, this is a very effective tool in impacting society. The reason people were so moved by the Columbine, Virginia Tech, and Sandy Hook coverage is because the broadcast media personalized each victim.

Broadcast media illustrated the agony each community felt via real time reporting with interviews and clips from real victims.

Additionally, whatever any broadcast media outlet airs on television or streams on the internet, is saved in cyberspace forever. Almost every piece of footage from every news station when covering each incident can be found on the internet, and more specifically, onYouTube. YouTube is a special case because it is a social media site as well as a form of broadcast media.

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YouTube archives all of the video clips uploaded to the website. She concludes that YouTube is a great technique when looking for lost footage that could impact society. Broadcast media leaves a lasting impression upon its viewers by utilizing different methods that newspapers, magazines, and social media sites cannot. Broadcast media humanizes the tragedies in such a way that it can move an audience to tears. Oftentimes, the media is viewed as the enemy, as the underlying evil behind all that is wicked in the world. People blame the media, saying it perpetuates the violence.

They assert that if the media did not show such hate-filled, appalling events, future tragedies would be avoided. If the media never aired its findings, then there would be nothing to find. After such a terrible tragedy strikes, the media is suddenly at fault. However, many people fail to realize that those who report the news are also people. Reporters and journalists are humans who have family and friends that could have very well been attacked just like any other viewer. Patrons ignore the fact that journalists have emotions. Perhaps it is because the news requires journalists to stay objective and to eliminate any personal feelings.

Perhaps it is because patrons are so wrapped up in their pain and sufferings that someone must be at fault and the obvious answers Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold, Seung-Hui Cho, and Adam Lanza are just too simple of an explanation. Journalists often develop psychological disorders after working on a traumatic case.

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For some, there is no worse case than a school shooting where dozens of innocent lives are destroyed for seemingly no justifiable reason. In a span of one year, November to September , two school shootings took place in Finland. Comparable to American school 5. Shohet, Lauren. Shakespeare Studies 38, January Journalists were criticized for their reporting on the story, similar to in America.

It also concluded that those journalists who were criticized for their performances had an increased level of stress.

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Journalists in America are constantly being criticized for their performances, especially in regards to such sensitive situations like school shootings. Journalists do not have the luxury of picking and choosing which news events occur. Journalists cannot throw in the towel and call it a day. They must cover the events, as heartbreaking and gut wrenching as they are, and must do so while divorcing themselves from any emotional attachment they might have. Yet, they are still condemned for not performing to the likings of others. Journalists are not only enduring the initial shock and grief over the trauma but negative criticism, as well.

Therefore, journalists are developing psychological issues that many people are ignoring. Psychologists A. Stuart and A. When those traits are combined with traumatic exposure, journalists are far more likely to suffer from PTSD. Furthermore, in , Caroline Pyevich, Elana Newman, and Eric Daleiden performed a study on journalists who have worked in traumatic environments.

Journalists who worked in more traumatic situations, like school shootings, were likely to develop a negative cognitive schema; journalists with negative cognitive schema were more likely to suffer PTSD.

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Likewise, the more criticism journalists receive may result in a worsened case of PTSD or depression. Every job has its stressful moments and can make people feel as if they are on the brink of falling apart. Journalists 7. Stuart, A. D, Marias, A. Pyevich, Caroline M.

Jennifer Dandron are necessary for democracy, but those who put themselves in that line of profession sacrifice their reputations and personal emotions in order to shed light on any situation, no matter how disturbing. Media outlets compete for the highest ratings. Democrats advocate more for gun control than republicans do. On the other hand, the shows that focus on conservative audiences do not want to offend their viewers, which could make them quit watching and lead to a drop in ratings.

In this case, the conservative shows are more likely to tackle the mental health issue aspects that contributed to each incident.