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Who's 1? Langville and Carl D. Meyer Review by Richard J. Adam Review by David S. Here's an article on the increased interest in books about mathematics and mathematicians: "The numbers game: Why math books are hot," by Jane Boursaw and Tameka L. Late Style - Yuri I. Reinhold; and Mathematics in Movies , clips from movies assembled by Oliver Knill. For more reviews please see the archive of reviews prior to Return to Top.

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Visit our news item for details about specific offers. Also see the Blog on Math Blogs. Reviews Are you interested in fiction with math and mathematician characters, biographies, math history, overviews of some applications of math, or plays, films or tv shows with math? This book would be an excellent read aloud for elementary and middle school students and a great choice for learning about Civil Rights in America. Recommended for ages 7 and up. Swenson; Illustrated by Chiara Fedel e.

This special event is a time to celebrate, but also a time for the animals to gather the food they will need for the long winter ahead.

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There are many different animals to spot in the soft and beautifully colored mixed media illustrations, such as rabbits, bears, raccoons, elk, and more. Kids will love seeing the variety of forest creatures depicted! This lovely book is a great choice for a group read aloud or even sharing for quiet bedtime reading.

Gilbert; Illustrations by Joelle Dreidemy. The students in the unlucky Classroom 13 are back again for the fifth time to celebrate Halloween in this new chapter book series for younger readers. The students in the class have already been in trouble with the lottery and a magical genie, so what could possibly happen to them on Halloween? Quite a lot! When the students and their teacher, Ms. Linda, eat some cursed candy, they all turn into their Halloween costumes!

The Wild 1 (Mathtime Stories Book 2)

Soon pirates, werewolves, zombies, and monsters take over the classroom! What can the class do to reverse the curse and save Halloween? As in the other books in the series, the author, Honest Lee, asks the readers to write their own chapter at the end of the book and send it to the author. What will you be dressing up for Halloween this year? This fun, laugh out loud and easy to read series would be great for fans of Captain Underpants. Recommended for students in grades The Penderwicks at Last by Jeanne Birdsall Birdsall delivers the final installment of her popular Penderwicks series with The Penderwicks at Last , giving readers a novel that provides both closure and exciting new possibilities for these beloved characters.

The endearing and unique Penderwick family returns to the setting of the first novel, Arundel, where the oldest daughter Rosalind is set to marry her boyfriend Tommy. Typical Penderwick excitement and creative problem solving between the siblings is found in this book alongside meetings with old friends and developments of new friendships.

The Magic School Bus returns for a new generation with this fun early chapter book series geared towards newly independent readers. Professor Frizzle's kid sister Fiona is the new teacher at Walkerville Elementary and she has the same adventurous philosophy as her older sister when it comes to learning!

She decides to take the class camping, but once night falls their camp grounds are pitch black and Arnold has been watching too many scary movies to fall asleep in the dark. The class has to put their thinking caps on and work together to figure out a way to provide a night light for Arnold so he can fall asleep.

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  7. In the process the class and readers will learn all about renewable energy. Budding scientists will love this educational series. Positively Izzy by Terri Libenson. This realistic fiction graphic novel tells the story of two very different girls, Izzy and Brianna, as they each navigate difficult middle school experiences and relationships. Brianna, also known as Bri, is quiet and studious while Izzy is more outgoing but not quite as interested in homework. Each of the girls struggle with shifting friend dynamics and family interactions, exploring typical middle school drama.

    Recommended for readers ages By the end, the reader will know everything there is to know about the history of dogs and why they are so important to mankind! Recommended for dog lovers in grades Wallpaper by Thea Lam. This unique and nearly wordless picture book follows a brown-skinned, dark-haired girl as she reluctantly moves into a new home and discovers a magical world hidden behind her wallpaper.

    As she unpacks her new room, she overhears conversations outside her window with a group of kids from the neighborhood playing nearby. She is too shy to say hello though and hides when they see her. Soon after an upturned corner of wallpaper gives way to a bird peeking out, and a flock of birds are released when she pulls the paper back! The girl enters a beautiful flower-filled world where she encounters a monster.

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    As the protagonist attempts to escape the monster by pulling back more and more wallpaper to reveal world after world, an unexpected friendship is formed. Thanks to this imaginary friendship the girl gathers the courage to make new, real friendships with her new neighbors. This visually interesting book is sure to please young readers and is great for kids struggling with making new friends.

    Get PDF The Wild 1 (Mathtime Stories Book 2)

    Caldecott award winning illustrator Floca teams up with talented writer Gianferrari for this beautiful new non-fiction picture book all about hawks. The spare, poetic prose combined with the lovely, realistic watercolors present a day in the life of a red-tailed hawk. All this plays out while a girl and her younger sister in a suburban neighborhood use binoculars to watch from a distance. This fascinating introduction to the red-tailed hawk ends with interesting facts about this common bird of prey and suggested further reading for young bird-watchers looking to dive deeper.

    Recommended for children ages 4—8. In this prequel to Newbery Award—winning The Crossover , Alexander revisits previous themes and characters while also tackling some new topics. At first Charlie withdraws from those around him, but then he starts acting out and after he steals from a neighbor his mother decides to send him to live with his grandparents in Washington, D.

    His grandfather works part-time at a Boys and Girls Club where his cousin Roxie is a star basketball player, and soon Roxie is pulling Charlie into the game too. This story is filled with strong African-American characters that readers will cheer for and feel invested in. Told in verse, with great illustrations by Anyabwile, this novel also offers a historical perspective as it is set in the late s. Overall, Rebound is a wonderful story about family and growing into adulthood that is highly recommended for readers ages DOLL-E 1. Charlotte is a technological geeky child who loves to tinker and code on her computer.

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    When her dog, Blutooth, steals the doll and tears it apart, Charlotte decides to make a new doll with its leftover parts. Her creation?

    The illustrations clearly show that Charlotte is an extraordinary and unique girl with many interests. They add much to this delightful and fun story. Recommended for readers in grades K This moving and thoughtful fictionalized biography of James Castle, a deaf, autistic artist, will be an inspiration not only to aspiring artists but to all who pick up this great book. James Castle could not hear or speak and he never had much of a formal education, but he created beautiful art that has been admired and studied around the world.

    Nothing stopped Castle from becoming an artist and expressing himself, despite not having access to any art materials when he first began his work.