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Posted on 21 ottobre Italian Social Marketing Network — Newsletter From journals. Biroscak The emergence of the International Social Marketing Association iSMA and its affiliated regional associations is a key indicator that social marketing is maturing, both as a community of practice and as a profession.

Through these associations, the international social marketing community has developed a consensus definition of the discipline and a consensus list of basic competencies for social marketing certificate programs. The associations are currently working on certification programs and a code of ethics. Bill Smith — Reinventing Social Marketing. From www.

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His field is social marketing, not social media, but the application of basic marketing principles to programs that make difficult change fun, easy, and popular to adopt. Health promotion 4. From academic. Throughout the world there is the recognition that we are at a turning point of development—The World Economic Forum has used the terms Globalization 4.


In health and medicine we are also on to Health 4. Duplicate and salami publication: a prevalence study of journal policies — International Journal of Epidemiology — Oxford Academic. Duplicate and salami publication are unethical, but are common practices with substantial consequences for science and society at large. We investigated journal policies on duplicate and salami publication.

Digital epidemiology: tracking diseases in the mobile age. From theconversation. Ever tweet about being sick? Or look up your symptoms online? Researchers are using this information to monitor illnesses and attitudes about health in real time. From theintercept. You 2.

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From choice. Have you ever noticed that when something important is missing in your life, your brain can only seem to focus on that missing thing? From hbr. Leading firms are rethinking their approach to strategy development so they can make more, better, and faster decisions. Parallel tracking: un metodo per integrare gli approcci top-down e bottom-up.

From a pizza in Lugano the first thoughts on a European network on social marketing have started. From marketingsociale. A European network for social marketing. In a first meeting in Lugano in the summer of , four social marketing experts met to discuss how best to enhance the emerging International Social Marketing Association in Europe, which represents a great opportunity for the discipline.

Elogio di incertezza e Speranza — Luca De Fiore. From dottprof. I medici sono troppo sicuri di loro: confessare il dubbio e la propria incertezza aumenta la fiducia dei cittadini…..

Migrant child di Banksy. Il fumo scende dietro di lui e lascia una grande traccia sul muro. From climate. This paper investigates the role of social media in exacerbating polarization on climate change in the United States. Polarization and the lack of consensus around climate change have been especially prominent in America, inhibiting the implementation of ambitious climate policies. Un tempo spacciata dai divi del cinema, oggi ridotta a vergogna catarrosa davanti al vizio fighetto e digitalizzato.

What 5G means for our health. Posted on 18 settembre Importance of Upstream Social Marketing. From cepsm.

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Social marketing is simply about influencing the behavior of target audiences. Alan R. Social marketing and systems science: past, present and future — Emerald. The purpose of this paper is to present retrospective, current and prospective aspects of social marketing and systems science integration. This paper proposes social marketing as one approach for developing solutions to many environmental problems currently facing the global community.

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The social marketing approach applies generic marketing and marketing research strategies to the promotion of social programs or products e. I colori nella comunicazione — Analisi approfondita. YouTube advertises big brands alongside fake cancer cure videos. Searching YouTube across 10 languages, the BBC found more than 80 videos containing health misinformation — mainly bogus cancer cures.

Ten of the videos found had more than a million views. Many were accompanied by adverts. Current warning labels on cigarette packages are generally focused on long-term losses that can be incurred if one continues smoking. Community-based exercise for health promotion and secondary cancer prevention in Canada: protocol for a hybrid effectiveness-implementation study — BMJ. From bmjopen. Research evidence supports the benefit of exercise during and following cancer treatments for cancer-related symptoms, physical functioning and fitness, and health-related quality of life.

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To move this efficacy evidence into practice, we designed and launched a 5-year study to evaluate the relative benefit from implementing a clinic-to-community-based cancer and exercise model of care. Social Marketing: Marketing e comunicazione sociale per la promozione della salute — ISS 11 ottobre Today, From fondazioneallinearesanitaesalute.

Che cosa chiediamo alla Politica, ai professionisti e ai cittadini, per difendere lo sviluppo della Scienza. Ha senso una epidemiologia che non miri alla prevenzione? Facebook to direct vaccine searches to public health pages -The Guardian. People who access Facebook and Instagram pages and groups that discuss vaccines, as well as those searching or using relevant hashtags, will see an educational module about vaccine safety.

Climate change has been identified as the greatest health challenge of the 21st century. National Climate Assessment summarize the current effects of climate change on health, projections that these effects will surely increase, and the disproportionate impact of climate change on the health of vulnerable populations and disadvantaged communities.

Posted on 3 settembre Compilation of Social Marketing Evidence of Effectiveness. I thought my audience involved with social marketing would be interested in the following list of key evidence citations for Social Marketing behaviour change which was compiled with the Support of the International Social Marketing Association ISMA and all its affiliated national and regional associations around the world.

From pure. The purpose of this study is to develop improved understanding of how value is created at the midstream meso level in a collaborative smoke-free homes and cars social marketing programme. The findings show that the co-creative organisational model adopted for the Smokefree programme affords access to resources and capabilities of midstream actors and provides opportunities for reshaping and mobilising existing value networks.

The implications of this study are discussed, in particular, in terms of the role of focal organisations in managing value networks, the social context, configurational fit and resources of actors involved in community-based social marketing and the need for policies and practices to provide health professionals with role support for health promotion. Re-imagining global health through social medicine: Global Public Health.

The conceptual and practical work done by social medicine and global health have often overlapped. Revitalising the evidence base for public health: an assets model — Antony Morgan and Erio Ziglio. Redressing the balance between the assets and deficit models for evidencebased public health could help unlock some of the existing barriers to effective action on health inequities.

La comunicazione della salute deve essere basata su un confronto e un dialogo aperto e multidimensionale che coinvolga tutti gli stakeholder: istituzioni pubbliche e private, professionisti sanitari, industrie, associazioni e, soprattutto, cittadini. Microplastics in drinking-water — WHO. From apps.

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Microplastics are ubiquitous in the environment and have been detected in marine water, wastewater, fresh water, food, air and drinking-water, both bottled and tap water. Possible human health risks associated with microplastics in drinking-water. Antivaccinisti: logica debole.

Come comunicare? Strategie comunicative e fallacie logiche. From edhub. This Medical News podcast discusses the value of social media for health care. Che cosa intendi per prevenzione? An active conversation — and a hefty dose of outrage — is swirling on social media about the proper boundaries between public and private when it comes to illness and death.