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So Cris and I followed the protocol and bought a lock and found a place to place it amongst all the other locks there at the county courthouse. Thanks Lovelock NV!!!

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Cris: Being willing to be open and vulnerable,willing to trust in each other and our relationship and take time out from the serious side with some humor and joy. Met on a plane Houston to Denver. Honeymooned 5 months in Dammam, Saudi Arabia — split up Albuquerque , re-married here still going. My love of my life.

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I never thought I would find Mr. When we road to Lovelock with our Harley group. My husband and I have been married for 38 years. We both try to help each other. We laugh a lot togeather. We knew in a heartbeat that we had met our better halves and have not been apart since. We married and have added 2 sons to our happy family. We had read about Lovelock in Nevada magazine over a year ago, I think, and finally got up there on We got one lock for ourselves and one for our sons.

It was so much fun. What a great idea! Though a year shy unknowing relationship of fear of two people of past devastation of former relationships afraid of hurt, rejection to be able to move forward. A newborn baby girl, a daughter, broke this fear at birth on Oct.

Love, Honesty, Serenity, faith. Believe of God and commitment and strong family morals shall be forever. Forever is our sacred word to each other. He asked me for my number but I had to turn him down and tell him I was married. Little did we know we knew the same people. At this time I was going through my divorce and so when he asked for my number this time I gave it to him. We kicked it off right away. I never believed I would fall for anyone again.

We both had been married before and knew what we wanted by now. He propsed to me Christmas Day and the engagement lasted 2 years. In April we finally got married. It was the most wonderful day of my life!

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We still have that strong Love. I love him so much he has brought nothing but happiness into my life! No matter what. Our family locked our love, and started a new tradition for our family. We told our self, when we have more kids we will come back and add a lock to the lock we just locked and keep locking our love as a couple and family with each child.

What a fun day it was for us to go as a family and start this tradition. Love is such a precious part of life and we are so lucky to have each other and to know what it feels like to love, life would be so boring without love. We met when I was 16, fell in love got married October 4, We have a special love, because we love doing everything together. We love to travel and have been in all fifty states. This is our 35th Wedding Anniversary this year. Our love is for ever and ever. Our secret for everlasting love is we do everything together, help one another, and we always say I Love You to one another!

We knew each other our whole lives…but just a friend apart! We met July 1, when Don was home on leave before gong to Viet Nam. We were married one week later on July 9, We have been married 42 years. We met 26 yrs. Married Pleasure rode horses with 2 daughters. We then traveled for 25 years and tent camped. Then we started coming out to AZ for the winters in an RV. A mutual friend introduced us and told me that a buddy was coming to town and needed to find a place to stay.

Would I help him since the mutual friend would be out of town, sure. I would be happy to help. That was over 10 years ago. I married my best friend in June and for our anniversary this year, we locked our love in Lovelock! Serious budget. The Cowpoke Cafe folks helped us find them, the rest of the town came and helped us get more formal-looking thank you so very much. I had no idea where we were going….. We drove an hour outside of fallon to get there. When we arrived, I thought we were going to an antique car show. My heart melted…..

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That was the day I knew We were meant to be!!!!!!!! Jason and I met three years ago while working at the same job. Jason consistently asked me out and and I never accepted. Jason, was very persistent! After turning him down a bunch of times, one afternoon we sat together at lunch and had great conversation!!! From that point, we developed a great friendship. Jason and I exchanged numbers and talked often on the phone.

In March, Jason decided to go into the Navy. He and I keep in touch via telephone, and emails. Well we managed to lose contact, and reconnected in feb. He sent me a friend request on facebook and it was over!!! We exchanged messages for about a week straight. The next thing I know, we were uncovering feelings that we had for one another but we never shared three years ago.

Before I knew it I was booking a flight to las vegas the weekend of feb. Casey and I met in high school. He was a sophomore and I was a Junior. We hung around as friends for a short time. We then both moved on. We each entered into a serious relationship with another person for a few years. Our respective relationships broke up around the same time and Casey and I found each other again and started to pal around and commiserate with each other.

We helped each other get over the previous relationship. We talked for hours. We went out and had fun. Then one day we realized that we loved each other deeply. We married on September 1, We have a really strong commitment to each other. It is a beautiful feeling to have confidence in the other person and to know that that person will be there for you in your most dire times of need.

We met helping a mutual friend and over the next year fell in love. We were married April 4, and are now on our honeymoon! We needed some quality time together so we decided that a road trip would be good. While passing through Nevada we stoped for gas in Lovelock.

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I purchased a lock at the gas station to give to my husband. After returning on the freeway I relized we needed to go back to Lovelock so that we could lock our love there.

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We turned around and went back to Lovelock and found the court house and there we locked our love forever. We took lots of pictures and made memories that we will never forget. It was so much fun and worth the stop. Everlasting love starts with being in love. Then adding the things that make it stronger and guarding against the things that make it weak. Our love has been made stronger through forgivness, commitment, touching and sharing our fellings.

We guard against selfishness, coldness, seperation, and lack of communication.